Auvergne stew with cabbage – Maison Papillon-Marmus

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Auvergne stew with cabbage, artisanal production without dyes or preservatives – house PAPILLON-MARMUS

A traditional dish, the Auvergne hotpot reveals the flavors of the vegetable garden.

Ingredients: Sauce *, pork knuckle from France 25%, cabbage 20%, potatoes.

* Sauce: water, jelly of beef trotters, leeks, carrots, turnips, celery, onions, Provence herbs, spices and herbs, ingot beans.

Jar 800 gr.

Hotpot designates a type of culinary preparation whose name comes from the clay pot in which it was originally cooked. A hotpot is generally referred to as a mixture of meat or cold meats, vegetables and potatoes, cooked in the broth which is absorbed by the ingredients. The dish is traditionally cooked over low heat for several hours in a casserole dish for example and served as a single dish.

Hotpot is an ancient and popular dish that can be found with various local variations in all parts of Europe, and which has various names (such as hochepot). It is similar to garbure and pot-au-feu, but is distinguished by its solid appearance.

The meat used is mainly pork, in various forms (bacon, head, breast, shank, tail, sausage, ham), but we also meet beef, mutton, lamb, veal, chicken, goose , guinea fowl or duck. The vegetables used are often winter vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, turnips, celery… and, often, potatoes.

The Auvergnate hotpot is made with cabbage, potatoes, lean bacon, pork knuckle and sausage. In order to blend the flavors, they are first cooked together. Then, the cabbages are braised with the cold cuts. This dish is served sprinkled with its broth. This can also be used to make a soup with slices of stale bread.

Can be accompanied by a red wine, Cahors or Madiran.

Producer information

Located in the heart of Larzac, in the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, the PAPILLON-MARMUS cannery is a family business
for 3 generations. Our artisanal manufacture respects the standards
HACCP sanitary ware and allows us to export to the world with the identity

“Made in Aveyron”.
True to our values, the recipes are prepared with a knife with particular attention to the French origin and the quality of the ingredients.
Since the beginning, we cook without coloring or preservative , lactose and flour free …
Our know-how cultivates authentic taste and the values of TRUE.
In the 1950s, the enthusiasm and the work of Madame PAPILLON and then of her children made our deli meats known to the largest
tables like Jacky Kennedy’s. Our philosophy has been rewarded with great distinctions including that of “ Best French organic product “.

“My cooking has always been simple and true like the people of Aveyron. I have never used any coloring, additive or preservative and I am very proud that my grandson has remained faithful to these values. the most is that today our terrines are up to date when we simply haven’t changed anything. ”

The Founder, Mme Papillon.

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