Bétises de Cambrai

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Les Bêtises de Cambrai – the classic mint candy from the North! Through the house Despinoy , inventor of stupidities in the 19th century.

Museum tin box – 200g

"La Bêtise de Cambrai", is the fruit of a beautiful mistake by a confectioner. This specialty is one of those mint candies with indisputable digestive properties. According to official legend, this candy was born in the 19th century from an error by the apprentice confectioner who would have badly dosed sugar and mint and would have inadvertently blown air into the dough. Jules Despinoy scolded his baker, having let his sugar burn at the bottom of a pot by throwing him the famous phrase "You can only do stupid things in your life". The reprimand and the fault committed treated of " stupidity "were ultimately a real success. The famous failed candy was in great demand by the inhabitants of Cambrai because it was very refreshing and very good. This is how stupidities were born and became the great specialty of Cambrai.

Confiserie Despinoy, born in the early 1800s, regained a new lease of life under the leadership of René CAMPION when it was taken over in 1972.

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Confiserie Despinoy, born in the early 1800s, found a new lease of life under the leadership of René CAMPION when it was taken over in 1972.

The DESPINOY house is one of the oldest confectioneries in the city. This family factory was officially recognized as the sole creator of Bêtises de Cambrai by the Douai Court of Appeal. The factory, formerly located in the center of Cambrai, has known several addresses and the old boxes of confectionery therefore make it possible to date the places of manufacture of the DESPINOY establishments.

Today it extends over the premises of Fontaine Notre Dame (near Cambrai) which can be visited. The workshops are visible and allow you to visualize the different stages of production of the Nonsense. Old engravings, medals, diplomas, vintage boxes are also on display at the entrance to the workshops. vente de betises de cambrai Located in the north of France, Cambrai is a city of mysteries and legends which has over the centuries been able to seduce a good number of visitors from all over the world. It thus bears the traces of time through its old fortifications, its religious buildings and its cobbled streets. The Bétises de Cambrai will undoubtedly be one of your visits to the city. La Bêtise de Cambrai is a 100% natural candy. Today there are several flavors such as violet orange, raspberry and green apple. The first and real “Bêtise de Cambrai” made by Confiserie DESPINOY is appreciated all over the world.

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