Sétoise fish soup, croutons and Sétoise rouille – Azaïs-Polito

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Sétoise fish soup – Azaïs-Polito

Rock fish soup, croutons and Sétoise rouille sauce – 52% fish and multi-award winning product!

370 ml jar – to be diluted in the same volume of water for 3 plates .

A very smooth texture for this typical Sète delight!
Made in the pure Sète tradition by the town’s artisanal cannery.


Sétoise fish soup is a specialty of the city of Sète and the Languedoc coast. Several varieties of fish are cooked with vegetables, white wine and olive oil.

The Sète fish soup is generally made from gurnard, scorpion fish, conger eel, clavière, girelle, petit saint-pierre; horse mackerel (blue fish) are excluded. It is cooked with a dry white wine, olive oil, vegetables (onion, white leek, carrots, tomatoes), garlic, hot pepper, parsley, thyme and saffron.

It is served with croutons spread with Sétoise rouille, and sprinkled with grated Gruyère or Emmental.

Sète, located between the Thau lagoon and the Mediterranean, is the leading fishing port in the Mediterranean. Its cuisine, largely inspired by the sea and wine, is marked by the cultural mixes (Catalan, Spanish, mostly Italian), which this port has known since its creation in the seventeenth century. Fish, crustaceans and shellfish are an integral part of the culinary traditions of this "unique island", to use Paul Valéry's expression.

Producer information

AZAÏS-POLITO , Conserverie Artisanale de Spécialités Sétoises is today known and recognized for the quality of its 100% natural products. The “AZAIS-POLITO” brand, which has been offering “Fine Fish Specialties” since the early 1960s, has over time become a “Quality Signature” appreciated by gourmets as its products are “at the rendezvous of Taste” . AZAIS-POLITO preserves from Sète are essential in a selection of “Preserved Mediterranean Fish “.

This Family business is to date the most former Artisanal Cannery of the City of Sète , the first fishing port in the Mediterranean where it was founded in 1963 by two old families of Sétois manufacturers. By marrying in 1945, Georges AZAIS, famous Sétois fishmonger and founder of the Sète auction, Lisette POLITO brought her family of pasta maker into the Fish World …

Through this alliance, Jean POLITO and his brother-in-law Georges AZAIS were to pave the way for a new business for the two families. The POLITO family, in which the manufacturing secrets have been passed down from Father to Son for four generations, still runs it today.

“I hope that one day, one of my grandchildren will take over and in turn perpetuate our family tradition which is to put on the tables of gourmets” the best of products “with the same attachment as mine to continue what our ancestors started a few years ago … “says Jean-Claude POLITO, CEO of the Conserverie since its creation …


Label Living Heritage Company


Prize of Excellence of the Fishmongers of France


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