Provençal gourmet coffee pack – Biscuiterie de Provence

Collection of three traditional organic biscuits from the south of France: Crunchy almonds , Orange blossom shuttles and Lemon Canistrelli .

For a sunny coffee!

3x80g case


Collection of three traditional organic biscuits from the south of France: Crunchy almonds , Orange blossom shuttles and Lemon Canistrelli .

Crunchy almonds : The Vinsobres croquette is a hard and crunchy little cookie filled with almonds. His family recipe began to be marketed in 1908 by the baker from Vinsobres. This traditional cookie is now manufactured and marketed by the Biscuiterie de Provence which is based in the neighboring village of Saint-Maurice-sur-Eygues.

The preparation has not changed since its inception. They are made up of the same four ingredients: flour, almonds, eggs and sugar. “When mixed together, these ingredients are rolled into flattened sausages, golden with egg yolk, then taken to the oven until dehydration makes them crisp. The still hot sausages will be divided into slices of 1 to 2 centimeters and these left to cool on a rack. ".

The cooking method has remained the same since the preparation is always cooked in a deck oven (baker's oven). Nowadays, only the cutting of the dough and the bagging have been mechanized.

Not very sweet, these croquettes are served with coffee or tea. They go perfectly with aperitifs with Champagne, Clairette de Die or natural sweet wines such as Rasteau or Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise.

Orange blossom shuttles : The shuttles are Provencal pastries, cookies traditionally prepared for Candlemas instead of crêpes, especially in Marseille. Their shape evokes that of a boat.

For some, the origin of this cookie is associated with the festivals of Candlemas celebrated in Saint-Victor abbey. Towards the end of the 13th century, a statue of the Virgin washed up on the banks of the Lacydon. It was in polychrome wood; her green dress was soiled, bruised with the patina. She wore a golden crown. It did not take more for the small people of Marseille craftsmen to see in this a mark of destiny and a sign of protection. Although often associated with this cookie, this legend in no way explains the link between this event and elongated pastry. She was, according to some, Our Lady of the New Fire, according to others, the Virgin Protectress of the Seafarers.

Others say that the shuttle symbolizes the boat that brought the Saintes Maries to the coast of Provence. To recall this story, Mr. Aveyrous, founder of the Four in 1781, would have had the idea of giving a cookie the shape of a tray.

Still others say that the shuttle is reminiscent of cakes made for the feasts of the mother goddesses and that their shape evokes something else than a boat: fertility.

Lemon Canistrelli : Canistrelli, also called cuggioles, cuggiulelles, cujuelles or canistrr are sweet, dry and brittle cookies, typical of Corsica.

This traditional cake of the shepherds seems to have a medieval origin to say the least given a religious ceremony that takes place in Calvi, capital of Balagne, during Holy Week. Indeed, the canistrelli are blessed every Holy Thursday, in the parish church before being distributed during the procession which precedes the lavanda, washing of the feet of the members of the brotherhood of Saint-Antoine-Abbé and Saint-Érasme by the prior in the Middle Ages, currently by the parish priest. Their reputation crossed the Mediterranean and became part of the Provençal heritage.


Crunchy organic almonds
Ingredients: flour corn T65 from Drôme, fair trade cane sugar, almonds 20%, eggs flour einkorn de Haute Provence IGP, vanilla powder from Madagascar.

Organic shuttles with orange blossom
Ingredients: flour corn T65 from Drôme, fair trade cane sugar, Butter churn, eggs flour einkorn de Haute Provence IGP, salt, natural baking powder (starch from corn , sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), natural orange flavor 0.5%.

Lemon Organic Canistrelli
Ingredients: flour corn T65 from Drôme, white wine, fair trade cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil, flour einkorn de Haute Provence IGP, lemon essential oil 1%, natural baking powder (starch corn , sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), eggs .

Products from Organic Farming.
Made in a workshop using almonds and milk.

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He made delicacies out of it in the large family house! We waited patiently for these sweets to come out of the oven. It is with passion that Grandfather made these sweet cookies, following recipes that are both authentic and innovative, where the almond has been king for six generations.

Little by little, it was associated with the best flavors of Provence, to give cookies and cakes… simply irresistible. Crunchy, soft, crispy, shortbread or even fondant; plain, lemon, chocolate, orange or even chocolate chips… you will certainly find what you are looking for, with so many recipes, to accompany your coffee breaks and other gourmet pleasures of the day!

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