Vineyard Peach Nectar from the Monts du Lyonnais 1 L – Patrick Font

8.00 CHF

Peach nectar from the Lyonnais mountains.

Artisanal juice, cold pressed. 1 L bottle.


We have selected the best varieties of vine peaches: Chanas and Ferlay, which have remained very close to the varieties of yesteryear. Their very distinctive taste, their red flesh is particularly juicy.

For the record: just like the roses, peach trees were placed at the end of the vines because they were more susceptible to disease. As soon as symptoms appeared on peach trees or roses, the winegrower knew he had to treat his vineyard. Hence the name of these peach trees.

Producer information

A family business that produces nectars and fruit and vegetable juices

Established near the Monts du Lyonnais, Patrick Font took over his parents’ farm in 1986 and then transformed it into a workshop for the artisanal production of fruit juices and nectars in 1993.

By always favoring the terroir and excellence, he manages to develop recipes that enhance the qualities of carefully selected raw materials.

Since then, Romain, the son, has come to contribute his stone to the building and contributes every day as an ambassador of the brand, to develop the reputation of Atelier Patrick Font.

It is together that the father and the son collaborate to create a collection of fruit juices rich in flavors which finds its place in the most beautiful addresses in France and elsewhere …



We will seek our raw materials in the heart of their favorite terroirs, focusing mainly on locally grown fruits. We are fortunate to be located between the slopes of Jarez and the Monts du Lyonnais, an agricultural basin rich in crops of many fruits and vegetables. For the tropical range, Patrick regularly visits the site to rigorously select the fruits that will be part of our collection.

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